Natural Medicine

There are many reasons why clients see me for a consultation, and no two treatments will be the same.

Before treatment, I assess the presenting condition and by drawing on my background in a number of healing modalities, I determine how best I can help your animal and what is best for it at the time, always supporting them holistically and to the best of my ability.

I use healing – either hands-on or at a distance – for all my animal clients. Using my hands in the healing process, I am able to pick up where there is tension or illness in the body, which is presented as areas of heat or cold. These areas of tension are not only created by physical trauma but also by emotional conditions manifesting in the physical body. It is the same for animals as for humans.

In addition, I offer MiHealth for animals (see video), natural organic oils and remedies to the patient for self-selection, and dietary advice.

When animal guardians see the positive effects of the healing on their animals, they often ask for healing support for themselves, which I am only too happy to provide. Not only can I offer hands-on or distant healing, but I can give acupuncture, nutritional advice, stress relief techniques and – if requested- spiritual advice, also.